About us





Who are we and where are we located?

Aetherflow is a Digital Magazine, carefully and lovingly crafted by a small team of passionate and talented Final Fantasy XIV community members. Aetherflow Media refers to the full project, including but not limited to the magazine, website, social media, YouTube videos, and podcasts. We are a volunteer based project with a focus on a variety of topics in regard to Final Fantasy XIV and its community. Part of what makes Aetherflow Media stand out is our drive to maintain an engaging and supportive relationship with you, our readers, and the community as a whole, while providing the finest content.

What is Aetherflow Media?

Our staff consists of a group of diverse individuals that bring a wide variety of skills; from photography, to writing, to layout design, to web design and beyond! We have open minds with a focus on the future and we can’t wait to see what comes next! As this is a volunteer based team consisting of members from all over the world, Aetherflow Media is remote.