September 21, 2019

Risotto al Nero

Don’t let the squid ink intimidate you! This dish is so simple to make and makes a wonderful meal for colder days.
September 17, 2019

Aetherstream #7 – Next Stop ARR

Join Croatoan, Dylan Thorn and Enky as they Go over ARR and some Fun Events from the FFXIV & FFXV cross over event.
September 15, 2019

How to look your very best as a dark knight

Love your dark knight, but running out of funds for all that Jet Black dye? Stayin' Classy makes it's return showcasing glamours that add a bit more spark to our DRK's.
September 2, 2019

Aetherstream #6 – Renegade

Join Croatoan, Dylan Thorn and Tylp as they return night and run into a worthy foe adversary.
September 1, 2019

You and your chocobo: totally (t)winning

Time to start (t)winning with your feathered friend! Vederah shows you how it's done.
September 1, 2019

Interview: job creation with Yoshi-P

We currently have a total of 20 classes, 17 jobs and 1 limited job to choose from. Yoshi-P tells us all about how they're created.
September 1, 2019

Inside the Aether: how Aetherflow Media came to be

We've been around for 1 year! Let's see how and where we started.
September 1, 2019

Cockatrice meatballs

Any time is a good time for these cockatrice meatballs. And when we say any time, we really do mean anytime.