December 1, 2018

Cross-game cosplays done right

Aside from FFXIV, most of us play tons of other games. Let's check out how we can emulate our favorite characters!
December 1, 2018

Dzemael gratin

With sliced potatoes and tons of grated cheese, this creamy gratin is the ultimate comfort food.
December 1, 2018

Sauteed Coeurl

Looking for a straight-forward, no-fuss steak with a crisp crust and juicy center? Look no further.
December 1, 2018

Steppe salad

Make sure to try this impressive yet incredibly easy salad at your next dinner party!
December 1, 2018

Kaiser Roll

These deli-style bulky rolls go hand in hand with about any meal!
December 1, 2018

Interview: lore development team

As we ready up to become warriors of darkness and heed the call of the void, it seemed like the perfect time to dive deep into the complex and twisted lore of FFXIV.
December 1, 2018

Interview: gear design team

Ever wonder how the beautiful gear we get to wear in FFXIV was created? Check out this interview with the FFXIV gear design team.
November 21, 2018

The good, the bad and the questionably ugly: Boulevardier’s Ruffled Pants

Oh the horror, thrill, and chills of a man wearing frills! For this month's Thirteenth Deity, Vederah Kilmister takes the frequently mocked Boulevardier's Ruffled Pants and turns them into the coolest culottes this side of Coerthas.