June 19, 2019

We attended the Gayorzea Pride event and this is what happened

In honor of Pride Month, Gayorzea organizes a yearly event to celebrate the fact that everyone deserves to love. With people from many different worlds and data centers flocking to these festivities, we decided to head on over and see what it's all about!
June 15, 2019

What to wear as a warrior of darkness

What better way to shed our previous title, become the Warrior of Darkness and make a grand entrance in some killer cutscenes than with a shiny, new glam?
June 1, 2019

Dive right into a roleplayer’s wardrobe

Vederah introduces us to the world of roleplaying and tells us why glamour is so important for the RP community.
June 1, 2019

Walnut bread

Are you ever tired of eating the same kind of boring white toast? Give this really wonderfully fragrant walnut bread a try, which is just perfect for a summer picnic!
June 1, 2019

Steppe tea

This Steppe tea is a sweet, delicious summer drink and loved by many all over Eorzea!
June 1, 2019

Acorn cookie

These treats are surprisingly easy and they taste amazing! You'll love the softness and flavor of these cookies!
June 1, 2019

Finger sandwich

These tasty little sandwiches can also enjoyed as a snack, a scrumptious treat or as part of a lavish meal!
June 1, 2019

Should we disband: Duty Finder fun fest

What better way to level than to simply run your roulettes every day? Let's talk about our beloved duty finder.