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Application guide


  1. Read this document to understand the requirements for the various roles within the Aetherflow Media staff. You can certainly apply for more than one (in fact, we encourage it!) should you be interested in contributing in multiple ways.
  2. Fill out the application form on our recruitment page.
  3. Once your application form has been reviewed, an Editorial Team Member will reach out to you via the Discord Username provided for a follow up. This is your chance to ask any questions or provide any additional material you would like to submit.
  4. Should your application be accepted, our Welcome Packet will be sent to you for review and signing. As the Welcome Packet will be set to “View Only,” you will need to create a copy to sign.
  5. Create a PNG digital signature (we can certainly assist you with this if necessary) that you will use to sign the Welcome Packet as well as forward to the Editorial Team Member for use on our Patron Thank You Cards.
  6. Once signed and returned, the Welcome Packet will then be signed by the Editorial Team Member and saved for our records. This is when you’ll get all remaining information and, of course, an invite to the Aetherflow Media Staff Discord!